Happy birthday👏🏼

Sorry I haven’t been on for a while and that will continue.

But let’s just take the time to wish @bryanlanning a happy birthday! Go follow him on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel with his family (dailybumps) and his main channel for his music.

Bryan is very talented and he has brought out an ep called ‘like a lion’ and it has done so well in the charts! Currently at the time of me writing this he is 5th in the U.K ITunes Charts. 

Thank you so much 




‘Be yourself, everyone is already taken’ 💗



Hi sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. I sort of forgot👌🏻 so to make it up to you there is going to be two blog posts up today. 

YouTube: !! I am obsessed and I love so many youtubers. 

My favourites are Joe Sugg (thatcherjoe) and dailybumps. Make sure you go and subscribe to them that would mean the world. 

Joe is really funny and a very entertaining guy. Most people find him attractive and yes maybe I agree but it’s not about that. It’s not about the looks, it’s about the personality… 😃

Next dailybumps! They are an adorable family and I just love watching them daily. No matter what they are doing, it’s always interesting and I would love to meet them one day! You get the cuteness of Finn and Ollie and the lovely family that will grow. I love these guys. 💕 


Thank you! 

Rossy x

Twitter: @rossymain 

Intergerlactic lush bath bomb 


Today I had a bath and I used the intergetlactic bath bomb from lush. I recommend this product because it is lovely!

Firstly, the bath bomb goes in and immidiately brings blue clouds. It adds some colour to make it an ocean blue.

When it is finished it is blue and glittery. It’s just amazing and it made me feel peaceful and calm. 

It was definitely worth the buy and I will definitely get it again because that is by far my favourite bath bomb yet!

Thanks and make sure you check my blog everyday for another post! 

Rossy x




Quick one today. 

I have recently downloaded an app called pixduel and its so much fun that I’m addicted. 

Go check it out and challenge me!

Me: Rossymain

Thanks and good luck!

Rossy x 

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I know Christmas was ages ago. But i still feel festive. 

Christmas isn’t just for getting, it’s giving. Also, it’s a time where you spend valuable time with your family. It’s precious because you may not spend a lot of time with your loved ones.

Food🍕 is so important because it’s an expensive meal that people wouldn’t have regularly. A time to treat yourself with the extra pieces of chocolate. 

The great times you have admiring the decorations and the light in your house.

People also remember the nativity and when Jesus was born. 

Such great times, I love Christmas. I hope you do too. 

Thanks, Rossy

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Instagram: @rossy_mainy_12

All about me👍🏻

As some of you may know my nickname has been rossy main for a few years now. My brother and his mate made it up when they make nicknames for a few people. I have chosen my name as rossy main on here and my social media account because obviously I’m not going to show my real name to people I don’t even know.

I am 12 and nearly a half years old and I go to a high school very close to where I live.

I have very good close friends and family and I see most of my friends and family regularly. 

My favourite book is ‘Girl online’ by Zoe Sugg and my favourite film is ‘Joe and Caspar hit the road’ 

I love watching YouTube. Especially Joe Sugg and Dailybumps. Go and check them out on YouTube and hit the subscribe button!

I have always wanted to start YouTube but I don’t think I would be allowed and I probably wouldn’t be pleased with my videos… 

I think that is about it. If you have any questions maybe about a fact that I didn’t post please go ahead and ask them! 

Thank you! Rossy x

Twitter: @rossymain

Instagram: @rossy_mainy_12


Hello and welcome to my new blog. I have always wanted to start a blog and here I am today starting to blog. 

I’m not expecting masses of views because I’m just doing this for fun. 

I have been inspired by zoella and my brother who has also started a blog recently and its something I really have wanted to do for ages. 

I’m sure we will meet again with a brand new blog post with a brand new topic. 

Thank you😀 Rossy💕